Mumbai food: Cure your hangover with these super cocktails in the city


Take a break(fast)
We think this bar loves its guests because they even have a bunch of drinks called Hangover Cures. Vodka, whiskey or rum, whatever your poison, there's a cocktail for you, made with fresh ingredients such as passion fruit, tomato juice, citrus fruits and more, that will help you get going.

Cost Rs. 320 onwards
Time 9 am to 5 pm (only Sundays) at Monkey Bar, 14th and 33rd road junction, Bandra West.
Call 26005215

Fight beer with beer

Try this classic Michelada cocktail, which contains tomato juice for potassium, celery and salt for minerals and the bar's house beer which is low on carbonation. They also add their special taco sauce to make it tastier.

Cost Rs. 450 plus taxes
Time 4 pm to 1 am (Monday to Friday) and 12 pm to 1 am (Saturday and Sunday) at Brewbot, Morya Landmark 1, off New Link Road, Andheri West. Call 39698091

Need a coffee fix?

For several city slickers a cup of coffee equals to the start of the day. But for the morning after boozing, a simple cuppa is not enough. Try D:OH! Spronic, made with espresso and tonic water for a kick-start.

Cost Rs. 199 plus taxes
Time 10 am to 1 am
At All D:OH! outlets
Call 62360451 (Andheri)

Cold pressed wonder

Get the most of every ingredient to cure your hangover with this cold pressed juice made with watermelon, celery, beetroot and lime, aptly called Hangover Cure Juice.

Cost Rs. 190 plus taxes
Time 9 am to 1 am at Jamjar Diner in Versova and Bandra.
Call 26368880

For the smoothie junkie

The Gym Junkie smoothie seems to have it all to combat the morning after blues; toasted muesli to fill you up, bananas with complex carbs, to keep your energy levels high; honey to metabolise the alcohol and yoghurt to stabilise blood sugar, and fight nausea and hunger.

Cost Rs. 330 plus taxes
Time 12 pm to 10 pm at Café At The NCPA, gate no 2, Nariman Point. Call 67230110

Detox to the tea

If you can't do without your morning cuppa, try The Big Break Tea Blend by Tasse de Thé. It comprises organic white bai mudan, French lavender buds and lavender leaves that will detoxify your system.

Cost Rs. 1,025 for 50 grams (serves 48 cups)
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