‘I have been told muscles are only for those who have testicles’


Ex 'Bigg Boss' contestant Bani Judge: I have been told muscles are only for those who have testicles
Bani Judge. Picture courtesy: Bani Judge's Instagram account

Former 'Bigg Boss' contestant Bani Judge slammed haters for shaming her for being muscular. At an event in Delhi, Bani revealed she has been told muscles are only for those who have testicles.

While speaking at the India Today Women Summit, Bani Judge said, "I can understand the kind of pressure when you wake up a day and you find yourself fat one day because you are working on a project which is in the limelight. No matter where you are, people are taking pictures of you and they don't even think before making comments but the kind of damage it can do, you can't imagine that state. It hurts, it really does. I want to make you understand that being such a way is not cool. I have to say that we women always fall victim to it. We do this (body shaming) to each other, it's disgusting. The thing is, we have been conditioned that way that 'yeh tumhari competition hai, you are threatened by this woman or she will take away your husband from you' whatever it is, it's stupid and we need to grow over it. Why can't I look at you and say that you are beautiful and mean it, rather than thinking 'yaar yeh sundar toh lag rahi hai but isne kuch toh karaya hoga'. Can we get over this?"


Bani Judge added, "I was being called manly for having muscles. Muscles are only for those who have testicles and if you don't then you shouldn't have them. I have been told this for years. I was like, okay I have balls too, does that make it okay?"


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At the India Today Women's Summit! #WomenEmpowerment

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Richa Chadha, who was also part of the panel discussion, said, "I am a successful woman but I am a person. I have feelings and I can crack, and that's okay but having said that if women spent half her time in discussing the problems they face in respect to money they make, properties they should own, basic rights in marriage, sexual abuse or abuse in general, if you had spent half of this time discussing such stuff it would have been very different world."