How the year 2017 has been the year of celebration of Imperfection


How the year 2017 has been the year of celebration of ImperfectionBedsheets from Tangerine

The New Year brings with it a sense of rejuvenation of senses which can be directly related to the fact of bringing a change in and around you. One part of this feeling of seeing the fresh is reflected through home interior styling, for this is the place where we spent our time in physical, mental and emotional comfort.

The beginning of 2018 means bidding goodbye to 2017 and its many appearances in our life and at the home. This is the time when you may feel to bring in a change, even if not evidently or abundantly inside the home. In short, you may still wish to continue with the existing home settings and not make too much investment, but may still be looking for some changes to reflect your refreshed mood and taste.

Thankfully, there are many options available in the market. But to be able to pick and choose the best options for yourself (to continue with your sensibilities and still infuse freshness), you need to make sure what you have been missing till now. The best approach to bring in a change is to revisit your home decoration done in 2017 and then ponder over- what needs to be changed in the real context.

Keeping in mind the trends of 2017-18, Sonam Gupta, Design Head of Tangerine lists down what worked well in 2017 and what did not.

  • Bedsheets were used in 2017 and will be used in 2018; however, it is thetime we think about what more can we do with dressing the bedroom using some fabulous designs available today. There is a big variety of bedsheets and one can experiment using different colours for each season, different print styles and still, looking through a special collection of motifs like nature draws or life-inspired bedcovers like Indie Tadka prints or a Kerala Beach Holiday impression. There is plenty to shop from.
  • Even though you may have a perfect living room space, a bit of change can be brought in by replacing the old with a new. A perfect example here is the cushion covers. They are available in dazzling colours and stunning displays using nature as the theme base. It immediately brings glory to your house if you arrange them in contrasting designs or colours on the sofa and you have an option to do so in prominence too.
  • Window draperies also need a small makeover and it should happen more frequently, keeping in mind the weather and the season. It is time to rethink, for example, when the winters set in, it is not always a good idea to use too dark a colour. In place, let the natural sunlight pour in through the windows and for that, use soft (dark) colour shades or be careful about the choice of fabric- which should ideally be light-weight and see-through so that the difficulty in winter wash or the dark winter mood doesn’t set inside the home.

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