Handwriting reveals a lot about compatibility quotient in a relationship


Rushabh Shah and Srishti Doshy
Rushabh Shah and Srishti Doshy

Meet Srishti Doshy and Rushabh Shah. The Mumbai-based couple, in their early 20s, has been dating for six years. She is bold, and more expressive, while Rushabh believes in creating the right first impression. Srishti may not be able to face reality sometimes, whereas Rushabh is practical. What makes them click: similar traits, especially the way both want to preserve memories and find solace in being together.

Rushabh Shah and Srishti Doshy; their handwriting samples
Rushabh Shah and Srishti Doshy; their handwriting samples

It didn't take a heart-to-heart chat with the duo for Chetna Teckchandani to learn that they are, indeed, compatible. All she did was analyse scans of their handwriting scribbled on an unruled sheet of paper. "Your handwriting is like your DNA sample. It reveals your personality, behaviour and approach to the future. Graphology is an in-depth science, which can be used to discover yourself, as a hiring tool for corporates, and, gauge a couple's compatibility. Unfortunately, it isn't given its due in India," shares the 29-year-old handwriting analyst and graphotherapist. She learnt the science from expert graphologists Milind Rajore and Naviin Thantrii, and has been practising it professionally for the past one year.

If you're eager to discover your compatibility quotient with your partner, or learn ways to improve your marriage and relationship, get your handwriting analysed at a coffee meet that she will host tomorrow. The session, titled, One Write Stand With Your Date, presented by dating app ASAP (Astro Science Align People) and Soul Flower, is open to married and unmarried couples, and even singles who might be looking for a partner.

Teckchandani uses a combination of Gestalt and Trait methods to conduct the analysis. This includes the size of letters, pressure put into writing and each letter's knots and curves. "In graphology, each letter is assigned a meaning. Y is the letter for sex. A 'y' written without looping the end or squeezing the loop may indicate intimacy issues. On the other hand, a 'y' with a bigger-than-usual loop may mean a voracious sexual appetite," she states matter-of-factly.

Chetna Teckchandani
Chetna Teckchandani

How your handwriting tilts also helps Teckchandani peep into your soul. For instance, she realised a client had undergone abuse when she saw that her words had a backward slant (tilted towards left). "Backward slant isn't natural, and usually, develops when you have seen something terrible, specifically from a male figure, and you take a step back. However, you cannot jump to conclusions only by assessing one element of handwriting. You need to use various permutations and combinations," shares the expert, who prepares meticulous compatibility reports jointly with Dr Anandd Manocha. She also offers grapho-therapy sessions, suggesting certain handwriting exercises or patterns to heal a person, which can be combined with counselling and positive reaffirmations.

Couple analysis
Rushabh is a logical-yet-sweet lover, more likely to pre-plan the perfect date, keeping all the elements of her choice in mind because of arcade (squarish) formations in the middle-zone letters. He is also more aware of reality, due to the presence of the vertical, and at times, backward slant.

Srishti's forward slant, along with angular upper parts of middle zone letters like 'n', 'm' and the hump of the letter 'h' reveal that she is forceful and dynamic.

Compatibility quotient: Their equation reminds me of mushy love. Before taking the plunge, visualise yourself married for a week, where both of you put the hardcore daily life to practice. This will also bring out your individuality.

What they mean
Large-sized letters: Signs of extroverts or flamboyant lovers.

Small-sized letters: Signs of introverts, masters of focus and concentration, who can fall in love deeply.

Letter knots: Too many knots, when not required (like in m or w), may indicate a complication in a relationship.

Go To Hell K: K is the letter of love, romance and style. 'Go to hell K' is a term used when the 'k' in a word is bigger than the other letters. This indicates that the person doesn't care for others' feelings.

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